Dating men on oil rigs

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Dating men on oil rigs

What's it like to have a husband move from oil rig work (after 22 years) into the office? Hi there, I live in Canada and my "baby daddy" works in the oil industry as well.

So, he's agreed, in theory at the moment, to move into the office. He doesn't want to move into the office in Aberdeen so the only option is moving back to the States and work there. He goes away off and on throughout the year but each January, he goes to work on a project for 6 weeks or more.

I'm American living in England and married to a lovely man who works on the rigs; been here for 14 years.

It does get easier as our children grow older (they are 9 and 7).

But I'm kind of the same as the other Mum who replyed and find it's the time just before the last week that's the hardest. OMG I haven't half ranted - I must be missing my hubby and having somone to talk to! Although some days I'm just so tired, but I suppose a walk on those days would be beneficial. But she lives a few miles away and has to stay over.

I've heard many people say that no matter how long their men are away for. Hope you are getting on fine - I have no doubt that you are, we womwn are made of strong stuff! I know this is going to sound ungrateful but in some ways this helps and in others it stresses me out. Having all the bed to myself is great and not having to try to get back to sleep at 4am to the sound of hubby snoring is a complete bonus.

I took my some swimming once a week, i walked every day & made myself go to NCT coffee mornings even though it wasn't really my scene- just to see other people.

I know you're not there yet, but it does get easier & this whole 'life' gets easier once you've found your groove.

You can talk to me anytime about this if you want to as i understand both sides (offshore & being at home with a baby! My husband works away for 4 weeks - which can be tough, especially in the early days when he left 2 days after our son was born. I love having my husband around but I have to admit that the first week and a bit he is gone I really enjoy having one less person to worry about! When he is at home I have the priveledge of being able to go to Tescos on my own - a treat I know some mums would kill for.This year it's 7 weeks and he leaves this Monday (the 3rd).I am particularly nervous this time as I am 32 weeks pregnant and have a 2 1/2 year old at home.Keep at it as it gets easier to adjust to but don't panic if you just have one of those days (or nights!!) we're only hear all the tips from other offshore mums and enjoying the rants too Hi there, I'm also new to this.

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I can agree with the whole week before he comes back mood completely and I find that tiring the boys out with lots of fresh air and activity helps.

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