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This beast fires off not only projectiles but also spews an energy barrier at you and for good measure unleashes a slew of Foot Clan Robots at the hapless player.But one of the most memorable moments about this Boss is not the battle itself, but how you find it.Well, after roughly twenty years of trying, finally, I reached the Technodrome.

Lorian carries a mighty demonic greatsword and Lorthric is a powerful sorcerer.When you do, the relief quickly turns into a frantic battle to survive. It's been two years since I took the plunge and bought a copy from my local retro store in Ireland, but it's been a game series that I return to over and over again.The stand-out title for me has always been the last game released for the NES, with it's branching story paths and ability to swap characters with distinctive move sets, giving the player genuine choices on how to approach the various levels.He relies on his brother, Lorian, a noble fighter who readily shoulders his brothers darkness, to help protect him.This battle is a challenge typical of Dark Souls standards.

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having the easiest Dracula battle ever because this is a particularly grueling and tough battle.

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