Updating a tudor home

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Updating a tudor home

Along with Francis Bryan, she was also giving advice to Jane on encouraging the King's interest in her and sustaining it to become something more permanent than a quick screw.It seems though, it was Jane's apparent freshness and lack of sophistication that appealed to Henry VIII.I've left the MOOOI one here for reference // This is for everywhere...In 1534, Henry VIII had continued his plans for his summer progress, without Anne.- the first movies - performed by actors outside in the light, and watched by the audience inside in the dark on a screen - mostly popular stuff with fights and of course porn.Edward Seymour may have either interpreted what he had paid to see or more probably thought about it later, as a way of getting rid of his wife when he found someone else.Advertising you that there is a ballad made lately of great derision against us, which if it go abroad and is seen by you; I pray you to pay no manner of regard to it.I am not at present informed who is the setter forth of this malignant writing; but if he is found out, he shall be straitly punished for it.

Despite being married to Margery who was attractive enough when young to inspire Skelton to dedicate a poem to her, John Seymour was always chasing women, and was responsible for an illegitimate son born as late as 1535.

William's parents did not approve of the match, and broke the engagement between the young couple, having already arranged for William to marry Mary Sidney.

Jane was not totally isolated in Wiltshire, she did have had some friends, relatives, and contacts at the court.

Which also meant Jane had at least some experience with men.

Henry VIII not only brought Jane back with him, but had her installed her as a lady in waiting to Queen Anne.

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