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Zimbabwean sex chat sites

An investigation carried out by this publication revealed that the sex workers have now taken to social networking application, Whats App, where they distribute their number to potential clients and include a brief on their "services" as their statuses.

They then go on to insist that the potential clients should transfer an amount of between and which they term the deposit fee, before they can start negotiating a possible time and venue.

One might think this is a scam where after people transfer money to me I go on to ignore them and just disappear but the truth is I am very professional.These include names, phone numbers, addresses, prices and specific sex acts on offer.A couple of years ago, Facebook was forced to remove dozens of pages that appeared to offer sexual services saying it "has a clear set of rules and these pages broke them".I am in Harare but can drive wherever you are," reads the profile's status.Angelina later changed her profile status to reflect a "special promotion" where she claimed that the first five men to send to her Eco Cash account would get a free three-hour session.

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